What To Do During Off Season

Most of you finished their triathlon season. For all of those in Asia Pacific best of luck with your races! Off season can be dreadfully boring. You have been training over 10 hours a week, hit race day full of adrenaline, bragged for weeks about your accomplishment and now you are there planning your next season, and you have no idea what to do. Before you decide to buy yet another new bike (did you know that bikes last longer than 1 or 2 seasons?!) read this post and learn what you should really do during off season.


In case we need to remind you, chances are there you have a girlfriend, husband, baby, child, grandmother, friend, dog or any other breathing mammal around you that likes to have your attention. Make sure you catch up and spend time with your loved ones and I mean with spending time not going  on a 4 hour bike ride. Besides that be nice to your body. Sleep out, take saunas, (try) yoga and yes, party. What you probably shouldn't do is drink in one night all the beers you missed during season.





You have trained so hard during season that you are aware of the fact you are fit. During off season it is nice to keep some level of fitness. There is only one rule here. Train when you like to train. Do not follow any schedule. This is the time to appreciate the fact you do not have to follow any schedule. I like to train 3 to 4 times a week, just one hour per session. And I like to train hard during these one hour sessions. So I go out on the bike for one hour full power or I join a spinning class. 


This is actually one of the nicer things during off season. Planning your season is all about setting goals. Which goal do you want to achieve? Finish a first triathlon? Qualify for Kona? Become world champion IRONMAN? Once you know what you want to achieve you can start planning your season. My goal in 2015 is to finish a first full IRONMAN race. I am racing IRONMAN Nice in June, so I thought it would make sense to plan another half distance in April. Therefor I entered the Cannes International Triathlon. Let me know your goals in the comments below so I can help you planning your season.


World Champion IRONMAN 2014 Sebastian Kienle's tri bike

World Champion IRONMAN 2014 Sebastian Kienle's tri bike

My absolute favorite and I bet you it is yours as well. Triathletes are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance. What can we do to race faster? This question is every day on our mind. We tend to believe that if we buy really expensive bikes we will be faster triathletes. And I am not here to demolish that dream :))

Here are some sites I read to keep up with all the latest gear news:




For the rest enjoy your days off, 6 months before the big day training starts again. Hope to meet you guys somewhere down the line. Take care.