The 4 Best Wetsuits

TYR Freak of Nature


Picture this: it arrives at your door in a James Bond-esque briefcase complete with its own cleaning supplies and a swim cap. You give yourself a good 10 minutes to get your Freak on (it’s a struggle), then jump in the water. The reward for that effort is feeling like you are swimming in a second skin, with super flexible shoulders, perfectly placed buoyancy panels that set the body in a neutral position, and gentle core and quad compression. Coming out of the water it glides off easily. This super hero suit is not for wallflowers or the faint of wallet.

Zoot Z Force 3.0


Every beginner wants to feel fast in the water, and the Z-Force meets this expectation by forcefully propping up the swimmer. Take time to find the right size, as fit can be tricky. The wrong size can allow water to pool, especially for those with a skinny upper-body build. Although the arm and shoulder paneling is stout and thick, the suit still feels eager to turn a fast tempo. The hips and shoulders stay in sync. Find the right fit and this can be a breakout wetsuit for a developing swimmer.



2XU’s suits have always offered a stable core and tons of buoyancy, but there’s also loads more flexibility these days, making them a very attractive option – particularly for less advanced swimmers. The built-up, buoyant chest means a confident roll through the stroke while the corrective leg-lift will benefit anyone of the sinky-legged persuasion. Stronger swimmers could find all the extra features a bit cumbersome though. The shoulders stretch well, aiding an easy recovery. It’s also worth noting that there are patches of non-SCS coated material on the suit. 2XU offer 16 sizes to choose from, so finding a dealer is your best bet.

Orca Equip


It is not easy to stand out in a triathlon swim pack but the distinctive blue arms of the Orca Equip might help. They are also pretty handy in terms of your technique, offering a really natural feeling movement right round the upper back, shoulders and arms, only falling down at the catch panels on the forearms. The degree of control and buoyancy in the main body of the suit is great, which give a good, balanced position in the water and helps make this suit of the faster suits ones. Orca’s Speed Transition panels in the lower legs make it an easy suit to get out of. An eye-catching model, with plenty of high-end tech for an entry-level price point.

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